hello and welcome to all my new followers!

and everyone else too, of course :)

You’re all awfully quiet, and it makes me kinda sad. It’d be wonderful if some of you would come introduce yourselves and chat with me. I love getting to know new people!

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Seeking Victini -

Offering Jirachi, or keldeo

Temp. or permanent trade? I have Victini and I’d like the Keldeo entry at the very least! We can discuss a permanent trade if that’s what you’re after <3

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so ages ago i bought a second hand copy of HeartGold from a store and on it was, among other things, a hacked mew. Now, it hasn’t caused the HG any issues that I can see, but I’m extremely nervous about transferring it up? I don’t want it to fuck up my game on the off chance that it’s poorly hacked, but I’m hesitant to release it because, well, it’s mew — hacked or not.

Advice? :/

National Pokedex Completion: 551/714 (549/705)

Anyone willing to help me out? I’m mostly looking to touch-trade legendaries (Sinnoh in particular), but I’d also like to get my hands on a Porygon if anyone has one to spare!


I keep seeing people ask this stuff so let me explain this:

the only thing that shuts down when Nintendo WFC is shut down are things that require an Internet connection.  This means if you can do it offline, it’s fine

so yes, you can Pal Park Pokemon (it’s offline)

Yes, you can PokeTransfer Pokemon (it’s offline)

Yes, you can PokeBank Pokemon (it’s offline and wouldn’t be affect anyways)

Yes you can trade between games if you’re not doing so online (so like if you’re in the same room)

No, you won’t be able to use the GTS in Gen IV and V

No you can’t trade online in Gen IV and V

just remind yourself that if it’s offline you can do it, because it’s not like online play stopping is going to affect offline play (unless Nintendo also sends out dudes to break your games while they’re at it)

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Looking to add more FCs & Friend Safaris! Mine is 4012-3942-3515 and my Safari is normal (Chansey, Lillipup, Minccino)! At this stage I’ll add basically anyone, but I am looking for Togepi, Tyrogue and Clefairy in particular!